Restore the natural look of fuller brows

Eyebrow Microblading is a new way of implanting ink into the skin to create natural looking hair strokes. Minimally invasive, done under topical anesthetic, in less than two hours! Wake up with the brows you've been dreaming of.

Ombre/Powder Brows

Using a special technique, we can create the look of a soft “powder” eyebrow to mimic the look of makeup.

Faux Freckles

Freckles bring a youthful aesthetic to the face. Enhance your natural look today!

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Combo Brows

By pairing eyebrow Microblading with powder shading we can create the most realistic and natural eyebrows possible.

Lash-Line Enhancement

Enhance the natural look of your lashes! Pain-free, performed under topical anesthetic in less than one hour.